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Hi Everyone!

This has been an amazing, horrifying, lonely, and at times invigorating year! I have, however, had some really bad moments.

In November I started eating everything in sight, and having been a compulsive eater for many, many years, it was easy to gain back 40 of the 85 pounds I had lost in 2016. I had gone from 233 pounds to 145 in 7 months, and was free of the extra weight for 4 years! The anger, frustration, loneliness and isolation I had lived with, over various times, in my life sporadically touched it again. I did not like the feeling!

There is hope in my heart now that it is May, and l am finally ready to let that weight go. I have started getting back on track by remembering who I am, where I have been, and where I am going. Things are also looking up as my art continues to amaze me, and I am so grateful to be able to do, what I do!

If you are having a hard time, please remember you are not alone! We will get through this to a better World, more loving, accepting, and tolerant, and in the process we will have grown considerably!

So close, I can feel that seat in the movie theatre!!

With Love and Light,



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