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How my entrepreneur journey began...

Hi Everyone!

Have you ever been told that you are “different” than everyone else, that you are not good enough, the things you believe in are “weird,” that no one likes you or wants to spend time with you, in a workplace? I was. I was also isolated, laughed at and no one would talk to me for fear they would also be ostracized in 2 out of 4 of my last jobs. After I was, “let go of” (with severance pay in both positions), I went into depression for several weeks each time, crying every day, until I remembered it was not me, it was them. If they thought I was “different” it was because I am, and that is ok! I would not treat anyone the way they treated, not just me, but others desperate for their jobs.

I was eventually hired in a new position, and it took about 2 months before I could even start spending time with my coworkers because I had no trust in the workplace. They turned out to be an amazing group of people, who I grew to love and respect, and I am so grateful I had the honour of working with! They helped me heal and remember how far I had come, and they inspired me to go to university, even making time in my position so I could attend during the day.

Getting my degree, glowing with confidence, self love and respect, got me my last position. My job was to support, administratively, the most dedicated, committed Humans in their life-threatening work to save our Earth! The joy I felt in that position will never be forgotten, and I loved and respected everyone in that amazing office on Commercial Drive! It broke my heart to leave, when my contract ended, and I realized I did not want to, ever, work for anyone again.

To be continued…

Have an amazing day!


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