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Art & Us

Our art is created by capturing the magical essence of Nature through our photography, we then transform it through our individual choices of digital programs.

Jennifer Sonier - Photographer & Digital Abstract Artist               
I am passionate about photography and creating abstract art. I love how each picture I create emanates different emotions within me. For me, my art is captivating because I make many of my digital abstracts out of my nature photos. It is my hope that my art will inspire, empower and bring joy to all my customers homes and offices, in the most enchanting and amazing ways!

Cheryl Baker - Photographer & Digital Artist                               
I love uncovering the essence of the Sentient Beings and abstracts in my photos of; trees, rocks, waters, mountains, clouds, and Earth made, Human formed, steel cranes, bridges, masts, corners of skyscrapers, and other machinery that go unnoticed by most. I am so grateful to be able to do this as I never imaged I would be able to create art by combining my love of Nature with my love of technology!